Helsinki West | Visit Espoo, Visit Salo, Visit Kimitoon

The coastal area west of Helsinki all the way to Turku offers fascinating archipelago and picturesque seaside town culture, lighthouses, historical ironworks villages, beautiful manors and tasty, local food. The area's national parks offer everything from sights and activities jus a breath away from Helsinki to the wilderness and culture of the Finnish Archipelago Sea. Espoo - the second biggest city in Finland, is like Finland in miniature. In the south of the city you can enjoy the delights of the coast and archipelago, cultural and other events and shopping. Head for the north of Espoo, with its lakes, manor houses and countryside, where you can also experience the wilderness in Nuuksio National Park. Find the hidden secret in southwest Finland – welcome to visit our spontaneous city Salo! Our highlights for travellers are Teijo National Park and surrounding idyllic Ironwork villages – Mathildedal, Teijo and Kirjakkala. You can easily join nature programs and guided manor and mill tours. Enjoy of local food in idyllic cafes and restaurants creating seasonal delicacies with a Finnish or Scandinavian flair.