Aurora Lapland Travel Ltd (operating in Northern Lapland)

We offer nice packages including accommodation and meals, airport transfers and plenty of activities in winter and in summer. We operate in Inari & Utsjoki-Nuorgam area and know this area very well as we live here. Our partners are small family-run companies and the owners work in daily business taking care of the guests and making them to feel as home. We offer also tailor-made packages for FIT and groups.
We also want to introduce to You some genuine family-run companies in Northern Lapland, among others Nuorgam Holiday Village close to Norwegian border (cosy accommodation, meals and lot of great activities; Tradition Hotel Kultahovi in Inari village (cosy accommodation and famous Aanar restaurant); Polar Lights Tours in Levi area (horse, husky & reindeer camp situated 10 km from Levi village; recently new opened Hotel Utsjoki in Utsjoki village; also the new summer produkt of Inari-Saariselkä Travel & partners.

What we are looking for:
We are looking for tour operators and travel agencies who are interested in selling our unique products & programmes in Northern Lapland. We are happy to help you in putting together nice programmes for your clients. We look forward to meeting with you to tell you more about our beautiful area
and great possibilities for all kind of activities and cultural programmes.

News from our area: Nuorgam Holiday village has new superior cabins!
The legendary Hotel Utsjoki with 22 rooms was reopened 2019!
Kakslauttanen Resort is building new resort in Utsjoki!