Sokos Hotels Finland, Tallinn and St. Petersburg , Radisson Blu Hotels Finland

SOKOS HOTELS – an authentic finnish hotel chain. Individual experiences in 31 cities/resorts in Finland, in Tallinn in Estornia and in St. Petersburg in Russia. The most trustworthy and sustainable hotel chain in Finland. Our customer satisfaction is at very high level. Different people seek different hotel experiences and this is why we offer three completely new and different hotel types under Sokos Hotels -brand: Original, Break, and Solo. Hotels bring up strongly local character in each city or resort they are located in: in service, in design and in furnishment of the hotel, in restaurants and in menus. Restaurants are also popular among local people. Internationally known RADISSON BLU HOTELS we offer in 5 cities in Finland, all of them with their own individual character.

What we are looking for:
We are looking for cooperation partners interested in selling our hotels together with interesting itineraries for travellers interested in Finland, in Tallinn and in St. Petersburg, no matter whether it is leisure, business or incentive/mice segment. We offer also in many of our hotels excellent meeting and restaurant facilities.